IMG alternatives to getting a medical licence in Canada

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Apr 15, 2008
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I'm so sad and discouraged by statistics on IMG in Ontario that I feel a need of playing safe. I'm getting my PR in Canada on Monday and I really need some information to make an important decision:
1-Are Masters offered by Universities like Toronto (Nutrition) or Ottawa (Epidemiology) a safe way to secure decent employment once graduated. I live in Ottawa and I'd love to work for the FedGovernment in Health Canada or Statistics Canada, do you think the Masters in Epidemiology (along with my MD degree and Family Medicine Specialty) would open those doors without passing for the stress (and insecurity) of the exams???
2-I know that education as a MD is not enough to apply for a College of Nurses; however, I just wonder if it's possible to transfer some of the credits or at least be elegible to challenge some of the exams that are necessary to convalidate some of the courses in a nursing program. At least in my country the RN program has a lot of similarities with the medical one (but less work of course).
Any other alternative to secure decent employment in the future (No buttocks wiping, please) Thank you :)
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