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Oct 21, 2002
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Does it really matter? There are many of us (Americans) studying in foreign universities not because we are less qualified or aren't as smart. It's because we start out a bit later in life, have different more diverse backgrounds, have extreme circumstance all of which are not accepted by your conventional american medical school. AMG's are at an advantage bcuz they have better technology and training than alot of the FMG's out there. But, as an FMG in training I can tell you this much. At the end of it all FMG's come out a bit ahead bcuz of all the hardships they go thru to get to their desired positions. While alot of things come easily to AMGs we FMGs have to work twice as hard to prove the same points due to discrimination and what not. So if you ask me I would rather go to an FMG anyway. Ask me my personal opinion and I'll tell you that I have always had an FMG as my personal physician. Which one of us haven't. I think they make excellent doctors. Not that American doctors are bad, its just that I dont really see the difference and all the hoopla.