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Jun 29, 2006
Munich, Germany
Hi there,

I'm currently an MS4 at a Caribbean school and also a Canadian citizen. Up to now I've only been interested in doing a 3 yr general peds residency. I am two weeks into my 4 week Child Psych elective and I'm absolutely LOVIN' it! I'm now thinking of applying to the triple board programs as well. I've gotten very good feedback from the attending I've been working with and he's agreed to write me a strong LOR. I don't want to go through the pure Psych route (i.e. General Psych residency followed by a child psych fellowship). I still want to do the peds part. I know that in the end most triple boarders end up doing just child psych and that's fine. Regardless, I would like to have the general peds knowledge.

I'm not a competitive applicant at all. Step 1 score 203/83 (Second attempt). taking CS in June and CK in July Plus I will need a visa (most probably a J1). How competitive are the triple board programs? Are the average board scores higher than those required by the individual residencies themselves? and how much of an advantage will it be to have done a child psych elective and have an LOR from it? The reason I ask is that Child psych is not really a common elective taken by most students.