IMG .....residency chances in EUROP ...and else where..where ENGLISH used??


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Feb 20, 2008
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    hello i am 5 th year student from russia.....i am new in this network...can any one help me to know ....what we ahve to do for got residency in any europen country ,.....and which are the best option.....and what about GULF COUNTRIES.....I will be very thankfull !!!!!!:):):):):):):)


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    Dec 11, 2010
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      I am from egypt and i think i can help you about the gulf area which is the primary destination for egyption doctors

      the salaries there varies greatly between each countery being highest in UAE and qatar and kwuit , of course most of them don't have entery exams e.g like USMLE so they accept only qualified certificates specially USMLE and American board if you have any of them you will get the highest salary in your speciality you can work there with step 2CK only
      after this come the MRCP,MRCS,.... and the PLAB
      but generally salaries are very high can some times compared to US but with also high living cost specially in QATAR and Dubai
      BUTTTTTT you need to learn arabic which i think will be very difficult and i don't think someone from russia where temp. can reach -10 can withstand minimum temp of 30-40 even in the winter :):love::love::love:
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