Read the original post. What should I do?

  • Send the app in now without the dean's letter.

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  • Wait 2 weeks for the dean's letter then send the app in.

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abu barney

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Jul 8, 2001
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Anyone know much about this? I pretty much got my app complete with the exception of the dean's letter. I know it's not required for IMG's considering US schools use their standardized format that international schools don't conform to, but I'm afraid that leaving it out will hurt me. I looked at a dean's letter for a colleague at my school, and it was very comprehensive and positive, listing an overview of the curriculum, grades, activities, etc...

Should i send in my app now and forget about the dean's letter, or should i wait (at least for 10 days) until i get the letter and then send the app out?

Thanks all.


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May 5, 2001
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Send your application out, most schools don't send their Dean's letters out until later anyway, and programs know this. Programs will download it once they receive it. I already submitted my application info, and my school is just applying the finishing touches to my Dean's letter. I do suggest that you send in any info such as LORs, PS, or CV to your Dean so they can make it more personalized rather than standard. Don't worry about it most programs don't expect the Dean's letter to come in before your application materials. Good Luck.:)

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Apr 9, 2000
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I'm confused --- is your application for residency or medical school?

If it is for the former, I don't believe the Dean's Letter is optional. That is, whether or not US schools have a "form letter" you are REQUIRED to submit one.

If it is for the latter, then I haven't recent information - is it true that a Dean's letter (presumably from your undergrad institution) is not required for AMCAS?
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