USMLE IMGs travelling to Atlanta in May for CS..?

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Aug 21, 2019
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Hey guys, my CS exam is scheduled for May in the Atlanta center. The current problem is the corona outbreak and whether international travel is safe... is anyone else travelling like me to take their CS in the month of May? Am I being too paranoid? I can't even reschedule within my eligibility period because I checked the dates in all the centers and none are available. Should I just suck it up and give my exam as planned?

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I think people who are 65+, has hx of chronic respiratory issues or immunocompromised in some ways are the ones that needs to worry about it.

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Unless you live in Europe and Trump made sure to take care of that for you already. No harm's done, just weeks of preparation and a whole year down the drain as all spots are filled for anyone who wants to participate in the 2021 match cycle and have his ECFMG certification and application ready by September.
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Thanks guys. No, I'm not a European IMG but I can imagine how difficult it must be now to travel for CS this month. Let's hope that some way shows itself.