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Immigration question


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Nov 22, 2005
    Hi guys, This has likely been asked before... Has any one been successful in getting Permanent Residency - migrating to Australia while in medical school? (I am a Canadian btw).

    I have checked the immigration website and I presently don't have enough points since I dont have work experience in my field which is Biology (Natural sciences). I so far have about 100 points which is short of the 120.

    I have been told by an Australian person that they are actively recruiting immigrants and that they will award me points for being a physician while I am studying medicine. - It sounds unrealistic but I thought I would ask.

    Has anyone been successful in getting immigration to australia. I really would like to settle down and I think I could enjoy living down there.


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    Jan 31, 2004
      You only get points for being a physician after you completed your residency training. Simply having a medical degree will not qualify you. Of the health fields, its hardest for medical students to stay while pharmacy and nursing students have fewer difficulties. You are also subject to a ten year moratorium that forbids you from practicing in larger cities.
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