Impact of CMG's on Practice and Care


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Dec 27, 2007
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    Private equity firms now control many hospitals, ERs and nursing homes. Is it good for health care?

    A small excerpt from an overall good read.

    "A small number of providers are driving up the cost of care for the people and customers we serve," she said. "This is particularly evident with private equity-backed physician staffing companies like TeamHealth." United Healthcare provided NBC News with examples of TeamHealth costs far exceeding median charges for specific emergency department procedures. A patient visiting an emergency department with chest pains, for example, would face a median charge of $340, United Healthcare said, versus a TeamHealth bill for $976. Stitches on a minor cut would be $200 at the median rate, compared with $888 from TeamHealth. And the median rate for a broken arm is $665, while TeamHealth's charge is $2,947. Lee of TeamHealth declined to comment on the figures."
    Ooh, luckily we have those altruistic do-gooders at United Health¢are who want to expose TeamHealth's price gouging, for the good of All American$.

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