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Nov 11, 2005
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Hi, guys,

I am applying to GI this year and I noticed that some fellowships don't offer ERCP and EUS training during the core 3 years. For someone interested in a private practice Gastroenterology, how important is ERCP/EUS training - i.e. future effect on my marketability when seeking a job, effect on compensation, etc.


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Oct 13, 2002
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Most programs do not offer significant ERCP/EUS training during your core GI fellowship. In order to do ERCP/EUS most people have to do a 1 yr advanced endoscopy fellowship. Not being able to do ERCP/EUS will not affect your private practice job offers since only about 10-20% of GI docs actually do ERCP/EUS. Both EUS and ERCP do not reimburse that well, considering the length, difficulty, and liability of these procedures. There are GI docs that focus almost exclusively on ERCP/EUS, who basically function as interventional radiologists of the pancreaticobiliary system. Nonetheless, they are neat toys and neat procedures. Crypt
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