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    Check out this new post on Improving your MCAT CARS Score. I believe there are three qualities that can drastically improve your MCAT CARS score: persistence, strategy, and confidence.

    Improve MCAT CARS Score: Persistence
    To improve, you’ll need to put in the time the MCAT CARS section deserves.

    Improve MCAT CARS Score: Strategy
    Students believe practice is the most important tip to improve on the MCAT CARS section.

    Improve MCAT CARS Score: Confidence
    Confidence is probably the most important of the three qualities you need to improve your MCAT CARS score.

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    What tips would you recommend for nontraditional students who are working full-time and preparing for the new MCAT over the weekends? I have to re-take next May since my CARS score was really low (122) and Psych Socio was also a 124. luckily the other two science sections were above the national average.
    I am a non-native English speaker with an engineering only background. Only took the bare min. essential pre-med courses last year at a community college and Univ. of Central Florida Organic Chem & Biochemistry.

    I plan on self-studying through the Kaplan subject books and ExamKrackers complete guide (rental from amazon is only $47). I did take an online Kaplan class to take MCAT this year but the cookie cutter class didn't seem to help me much :( Any tips/advice on how to improve the non-science section scores while studying on my own without expensive prep class investment would definitely help me!

    Thank you.

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