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Get a load of this in the comment section (http://www.whenpenguinsattack.com/20...obs-in-the-us/):

JB February 12th, 2007 5:59 pm
Great discussion.

My girlfriend and I have had this college discussion. She went to a good school, collected 50k or so in student debt, and made about 40k when I met her.

I am a GED/College yet-to-be finished school of hard knocks worker. I never went into student debt, but I too paid the price by working at the bottom and proving myself along the way. I earn 120k plus a bonus after around 10 years of industry exposure.

I'll tell her College is overated and has become a tool of business with the product generic skills sold at a premium. She tells me it was a great experience and opened up doors that otherwise might have shut. We agree that both our paths work, though different.

For what I do I expect the company to make 3 or 5 fold. If you look at what you do like that, it's easier to see what you are really worth. The reason, the only reason, people get paid high salaries, is because they make that much and more for someone else.
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