Is it worth my time and effort to pursue my dream of becoming an MD?

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  • No, your chances are slim to none.

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Aug 27, 2016
Psychology Student
Hi all. I posted this in non-trad as well because I wasn't sure where to post at first. Sorry about that.

This is my first post here but I've been a lurker for a while! I'll do my best to be brief. I am a senior undergrad majoring in psychology at a public university. I am 25 years old. My cumulative gpa as of now is just under a 3.1, though my major gpa is a 3.9. I attended another public university prior to my current one, and that's what brought down my gpa. My institution gpa at my current university is a 3.5. I have essentially been in undergrad for 6 years with a little time off in between due to personal and health related issues.

I want to become a doctor and have since I started undergrad, but due to issues such as poor high school preparation and personal and health factors, I was not able to find the motivation to keep on the pre-med track. Here I am now, looking down the barrel of graduation with only 2 semesters left to go. I was planning on going for a masters in psych and then applying for PhD programs, but I recently decided that I want to pursue medicine for real this time. I have sorted out my issues over the years and am in a much better place.

The main issue I'm having is that I would have to stay in undergrad for about 2 more years (4 semesters) in order to get all my pre-med science requirements done, of which I have none, except biology which I got a C in due to lack of motivation at my first school. I don't really have any problem with staying in UG another 2 years, as I'm ready and willing to put in the hard work, but I am concerned about my cumulative gpa and the length of time it will take me to complete my degree. If I was to get As in all of my science classes I could raise my cumulative gpa to around a 3.5. Obviously, I would need to earn a stellar score on the MCAT as well, and I know I can do it if I put in the time and effort.

With all this being said, do you think I have a chance to get into an MD school, and is it worth my time and effort to spend the next 2 years taking all the science classes I need while simultaneously volunteering, doing internships, shadowing, and the like? I'm currently involved in an internship now working with children who have been victims of domestic violence and drug addiction, and plan on doing another internship at a hospital next semester. I really want to be a doctor, and working with these kids has reinforced that goal for me. I want to help people in a real and impactful way, and although psychology is great, it simply does not provide that opportunity as well as medicine does. Thanks in advance for your help.
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