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In need of last minute advice: U of Minn. vs Wash U


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Feb 10, 2007
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Would it be crazy to rank U of Minn. about Wash U. I liked the area and the feel of U of Minn. better but I know Wash U.'s reputation is better. U of Minn. is supposedly rising in the ranks, but do you think it has become competative enough that it wouldn't be detrimental to rank them above Wash U. I am considering fellowships (no cards though).


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Jul 22, 2002
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I think "crazy" would be turning down a place you think you'd be happier at.

I'm obviously biased towards Minnesota, but I think it's generally accepted that anybody can get into a solid non-cardiology/GI/allergy fellowship coming out of the the University of Minnesota. I interviewed at both the U of Minnesota and WashU, and I'm not convinced the clinical training at one is better then the other. In fact, I prefer Minnesota's morning reports and Friday M&Ms to any other conference series I've seen.

Previous threads: my review of the U of Minnesota is here, and I made some recent comments about Minnesota here.
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Apr 26, 2002
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i'd say wash u, without a doubt.. i think the research there is phenomenal, and all the subspeicalty departments and faculty are really top notch. I dont know about Uminn's fellowship list, but wash u was pretty good. also, i think the national rep of wash u exceeds that of Uminn. I dont think you'll be closing any doors with wash u, but i dont think i can say the same about u minn.

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