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Dec 30, 2022
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Let's get to the point. I've been working on the MCAT for a while (4 months) and feel as though I need either a tutor or an in-person MCAT class. I'm losing the self-motivation to keep going and can't figure out what's wrong with my test-taking skills. I know a few SMPs and other masters programs offer MCAT prep along with their programs, but I don't know which ones or whether they're actually effective in making an applicant more competitive when applying to medical school. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

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I studied on my own the first time and then took a class the second time. I got slightly higher, but most importantly went up in CARS. Taking a class doesn't automatically give you motivation. My score increase in CARS was because of a change in mindset and behavior. I very much enjoyed and benefitted from my in-person MCAT class, but I learned early on that I'd still be doing the majority of my prep by myself. The class I took is out of business, otherwise I'd recommend them if you were dead set on a course. Just go into any class you choose with your eyes wide open.