May 6, 2015
My gpa is not perfect (upward trend) so I want to (need to) knock the MCAT out of the park! I have a year and a half before I finish all prerequisites and will begin a 7 month study schedule. It might seem like a lot, but I am not naturally gifted in the sciences and know that I need to put in time studying for this test. My question is, during the next year and a half is there anything that you all think that I could be doing to help myself out with the mcat? Maybe it's too early to start full on studying, but can I be doing ANYTHING in spare time/ weekends to help? I was thinking vocabulary practice or something along those lines. If you all know of any vocabulary sets or books that you would recommend, I would be absolutely appreciate it. Any ideas for light prep for the next year and a half are welcomed. Thank you!
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About the Ads