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Apr 10, 2004
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Everybody cool out....COOL OUT!!!! Of everyone I have ever met, not one of them left the MCAT feeling like they did well at all. My best friend took it last year and went through hell for 2 months because he swore he got below a 25.....he ended up with a 37. Now I realize that isn't the norm, but this seems like the general trend. Everyone here put in a great deal of time studing for this monster, and we will be rewarded in the end. Remember, the MCAT is scaled-- so just try to relax, and if for some wierd reason you dont do as well as you hoped, take it again in august.

--Just my 2 hundredths of a dollar :cool:


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Aug 10, 2001
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If I can just stay the hell away from this board and forget about medical school for the next six weeks, it would be all good. Seriously though, in my experience, the first week is the hardest. By the second to fourth weeks, you've forgotten all about it. Then you get that dreaded email, announcing that the scores are on the way. Then comes the day when you stay up until midnight refreshing the score page waiting for the death sentence. Then it's all over....

Unless you want to retest...


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Apr 18, 2004
I was so happy to find these boards after the MCATS but now i cant stay away and stop thinking about scores. The sad fact is that I think most of us here have everything else lined up LOR's, GPA's..etc but the only uncertain thing is the MCAT. Its easy to say not worry but from where i am standing impossible. These next 6wks are going to age me 10 years :mad:
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