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Apr 15, 2015
IMG, I failed my second year of medical school, hence low GPA.

Applying this year for surgery residency:
Q1) Should I address my failure in my Personal statement, and what I learned from it?
Q2) Should I address my failure in my LOR (or ask the LOR to address it?)?

Last minute changes here...


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Jun 6, 2014
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Your ahead of me in medical school, but as a person over 40 who's hired people before, I would recommend you address it in your PS. Address a specific weakness...."I am grateful for the opportunity that arose.......it helped me to refocus especially on the subject of ______________". Your PS can put a positive spin on it. Mention if you had family problems or something sympathetic. Don't mention personal or health problems, it might sound whiny.

Best of luck!
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Jul 2, 2013
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Definitely address it in your personal statement. DON'T ask your LOR writers to address it! Their stellar evaluation of you will act as a balance to your PS. Explain it honestly, humbly, and briefly in your PS and then get the f*ck out.

Also, get your application in RIGHT NOW! Every day counts. You already missed the 9/15 opening date for ERAS, and you need to submit your applications BY MONDAY 9/21 or you are going to look super flaky and unorganized!