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Oct 17, 2008
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I am on the waitlist for several schools and need to send an updated for my fall semester grades. I did research for credit but my teacher decided to give everyone Incompletes in the class because she feels her students will not show up to the Spring poster session if she gives everyone a grade. Will this look bad on my transcript?

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My School has the same exact thing, I dont think its up to the professor, its the department that does it to make sure students finish the complete series of whatever course they are doing.

Are you sure its an Incomplete or an In Progress?

A councilor of mine told me that an incomplete would not look good, however an "In Progress" or "Deferred grade" is okay.

If it does say incomplete, make sure to call the schools and explain to them your situation.
Or better yet have the professor send the schools a letter confirming the reason for the incomplete.