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Jun 15, 2002
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Hi again...I am so, so annoyed because my prof submitted a grade change form for an incomplete on my transcript over two weeks ago, and the registrar's office at my university hasn't gotten it yet. So apparently it got lost in the mail or something...

And I have tried to get in touch with the prof to get him to fill out another form...but I haven't been able to yet...I know I will be able to reach him soon, but not until Monday or later.

So I wanted to submit my AMCAS app. with the transcript request form today or tomorrow...but this is really messing me up. I already put my changed grade down on AMCAS because I didn't want them to know about the incomplete, and I thought it would have been changed already.

So my question is, if I do submit the AMCAS today, will it take a while for the transcript request to actually get in, so I would have time to get the new grade change form? Or should I just go ahead and put the incomplete on AMCAS, even though I know I would probably have some explaining to do at interviews, which I would really rather not do?

Sorry if this sounds a bit complicated...but I had today or tomorrow as my "personal deadline" for AMCAS, and now I think I might have to wait to send it in!

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That is a real bummer of a situation. I have no idea what to do, either way seems like a less than perfect option. Just though I would offer my sympathy- good luck.
Thanks...I know, it stinks...I almost feel like someone out there just doesn't want me to get into med school! But that would be paranoid, right??!! :confused:

Oh well, I don't know what to do either...
If I were you I would get your transcripts sent in ASAP and get processed. If you dont have your transcripts at AMCAS right now, it will take around 10 days once they receive it for them to recognize it and then another 2 - 3 weeks (or more) for your application to be verified. So you are looking at one month+ until your application is sent out to schools. I don't think an incomplete will make any difference whatsoever, as long as its not a core requirement. Submit!