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Independent Match: Mandated 5 Years General Surgery?!


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Dec 10, 2005
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Hey fellas,

I am going into ENT rather than general surgery and hopefully after that I wish to do fellowship in general plastics. One thing that concerns me is that one general surg resident applying for plastics this year told me that it is officially mandated that applicants have "5 years general surgery" training under their belts. What about the people in the other surgical subs-ENT, neurosurg, ortho; are they now officially barred from even applying to general plastics fellowships. Is there any imminent threat of the ABPS officially not allowing anyone but general surg residents from applying to general plastics? Please let me know.



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May 2, 2001
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The changes by the ABPS eliminated the abbreviated general surgery pathway ("3 and out") that used to exist and was really not very common since the emergence of the integrated model.

It does not affect the other pathway options (such as ENT) which will continue to exist. Keep in mind though, that many programs have generally preferred Surgery over ENT as a prerequisite for the traditional model applicant.
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