Info about NW track for Western U

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The NW track is only available for undergrads from NW schools and requires the student to attend the first 2 years at the CA campus and then allows them to head back up north for their rotations. Here is some additional info:

There have been a lot of changes with the NW track and it will continue for a few more years until they straighten it out. Each year the sites are not guaranteed. The class of 2008, current 3rd years are mostly in Tacoma and Portland, there were 12 tracks in each city. The class of 2009 is scattered around Roseburg 5 tracks, Medford 4 or 5 tracks, Corvallis 12 tracks, Portland 5 tracks, Centrailia/Tacoma 3 tracks and Tacoma 4 tracks. You are required to do 3rd year in the NW at the site we are assigned but 4th year, with the exception of ED rotation you can go anywhere you want, including international. Here are links to the hospitals that COMP is affiliated with:

Portland providence:
Portland Legacy: