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Dec 30, 2003
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I would like some input on either of these programs. I am not comparing the two, just curious about each. I have heard contrasting info on Hopkins, and I need to learn more about Emory. For anyone that has the time to offer some advice, I would be grateful. :rolleyes:

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I can give u a little bit of info on Emory. I rotated through there earlier in the year, but I did Cardiothoracic and Critical Care so I didnt really get a good feel for their didactic and call schedule. Emory Hospital is a very nice hospital w/up to date equipment, excellent ancillary staff, etc. I know of at least three other hospitals you rotate at through your residency (Grady, Crawford Long, Children's). No trauma at Emory Hospital, all at Grady. Good caseload at Emory and Grady. Heart numbers were down a little at Emory, but from what I understand, that is true nationwide. 20 + OR's at Emory. Lots of faculty have written texts or chapters in many texts. A few oral board examiners. Cardiac fellowship is supposed to be excellent. All the faculty I worked w/were very approachable, willing to teach, and interested in teaching. One faculty in particular (Dr. Levy) I found to be very interested in teaching as well as being a huge resident advocate. Very complimentary around other physicians. Will never critique too much you in the OR, will do it outside, so as not to let the surgeons run over you, so to speak. The only didactic element I remember was grand rounds on Tues afternoon at 1700. They had something else on Wed afternoon and something specific for critical care on Thurs at 0730. The chair, Dr. Zaden (sp?) was very friendly and was working on improving the research opportunities available to the residents. Overall, I left w/a very favorable impression of the program. All the residents and fellows I worked w/seemed very happy. They said they got plenty of cases in every subspecialty area and didnt feel overworked. One possible negative thing is the PA program. Emory is one of two places in the country that has an anesthesia specific PA program. All of the PA's I worked w/were excellent and willing to teach, but I dont know if having a training program would affect the resident's case load. It didnt seem to, but just something to think about. Otherwise, I have nothing but good things to say about Emory. I really enjoyed my time there and feel it is an excellent program, probably one of the best in the SE. If you have any other specific questions, I will be happy to answer them the best I can.
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nchhabra, meet a resident by the name of Todd Wheeler by chance?

I dont think so.
Thank you for taking the time to give such a thorough response. I do appreciate it. You were very helpful.