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  1. Res IR Clinics

    Res IR Clinics

    Jun 26, 2011
    .The practice of interventional radiology has undergone a substantial, and well documented transformation over the past decade. The paradigm of practice has changed from the procedural model where interventional radiologists functioned as highly technically skilled proceduralists to the current clinical model where IRs are directly involved in the pre and post procedural evaluation and care of patients. This comprehensive patient care is administered most commonly via a dedicated IR clinic. .
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    .Despite the widespread adoption of the clinical model of IR, there remains a disconnect between the practice of IR and the training radiology residents receive during their IR rotations. At many institutions, radiology residents are still trained under the old proceduralist paradigm. Residents rotate onto IR and learn how to do basic procedures without any exposure to the associated clinical evaluation and management. This limited experience does not adequately prepare residents in training for the modern practice of IR. .
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    .Residents entering into IR fellowship are faced with the daunting task of learning both the technical aspects of how to perform the wide breadth of interventional procedures as well as the clinical evaluation and management associated with the underlying disease states. The task can seem Sisyphean after four years of diagnostic radiology with very limited clinical exposure..
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    .Resident-run IR Clinics provide an unparalleled clinical educational opportunity. Additional benefits include improved access to subspecialty care for patients, increased downstream revenue for the radiology department as a whole, and increased exposure for the field of IR among residents of other specialties. .
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    .Several institutions have moved forward with Resident-Run Interventional Radiology clinics over the past two years. The Resident and Fellow Section of the Society of Interventional Radiology has made it a part of their mission statement to encourage and facilitate the formation of resident IR clinics both nationally and internationally. .
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    .For more information, and access to a wide range of clinic building advice and materials, please visit and send an email to [email protected] ..
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