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info on St.Christopher's

Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by thesaint, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. thesaint

    thesaint Member
    7+ Year Member

    Jul 18, 2002
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    hey does anyone have any info on st.Christopher's, it looks a good alternative and i am just investigating my options.
  2. neilc

    neilc 1K Member
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    Jun 1, 2001
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    check out the thread below, there are some questions raised and that may help. also, check out www.aaimg.com for some other info. there are some questions about who runs the site and why, but in my opinion the points they make and the criteria are sound. i am not certain that it has been updated in a while, but it may give you some helpful info.

    every time i say something about this school, i get attacked on a personal level, and i just don't understand that...i have an opinion on the school, and i do think there are better options, but i don't see how that justifies my getting attacked. i also think there are some worse options, and that if they answer the concerns and improve, that they may well develop into a good school. who knows?

    they have been a bit misleading, and make some claims that i have yet to see backed up. also, i get emails from ex-students and i do have a classmate that went there that really gave it poor marks. if you want to speak with them, i will see if i can get the email address to you. just send me a PM.

    questions i would ask the school, and then VERIFY the answers:
    1. have any grads recieved an unrestricted license to practice in the US? if so, what states are they in? (remember that a residency license and an unrestricted license are not the same...)
    2. how have the students done on the USMLE? if possible, find out it they are giving you scores from students that were educated by st chris or by transfers...if a transfer did well, it may have had nothing to do with st chris, but instead be a product of the school they came from.
    3. find out which hospitals they have clinicals at and verify that they are ACGME accredited in the specialty that you will be rotating through. this is important, as many states will not accept a rotation in OB/GY at a hospital that is only Family Practice accredited.

    other questions to ask yourself:
    1. what is the compelling reason to pick a less known, unproven school, when there are many other good ones?
    2. what do ex-students say?
    3. will i achieve my goals and be happy there?

    the last question is the most important, so if it is a good fit, then go for it. just make sure that you have crossed the t's and dotted the i's, and that it WILL allow you to achieve your goals. it would suck to go somewhere, and be stuck in the end with a degree that did not get you what you want.

    good luck!
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