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info on UAB, Carilion health system, BIDMC

Discussion in 'Surgery and Surgical Subspecialties' started by surfsurg, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. surfsurg

    surfsurg Junior Member
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    Mar 20, 2005
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    Do you have any info on the GS programs at UAB, BIDMC, or Carilion Health system?

    Malignancy factors
    camaraderie among residents
    approachable faculty
    dedication to education

    You can also send me a private message.

  2. Pilot Doc

    Pilot Doc SDN Angel
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    Mar 6, 2002
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    Can you put some context in this post? The rank list deadline was last week, so you are presumably still a third year months away from applying. Are you trying to pick someplace for an away rotation? And these programs have nothing in common? If you're considering applying to all 3, you either have no idea what you want in a program or your wants are unsual enough that we probably can't help you without knowing more. (This is really meant to be constructive - I'm not flaming you for kicks)

    UAB - no personal knowledge. Reputed to be malignant under the previous chair now departed for several years. Reputedly much better now

    BIDMC - no personal knowledge - previously well reputed program(s) now said to be in shambles after having lost in the Boston money/patient shakeout. Very malignant chair.

    Carillion - UVa students rotate there - try to find a current student for the latest scoop. Surgery at Roanoke was not highly thought of by UVa students several years ago, though part of that was the contrast provided by UVa's superb residents and faculty. One current piece of info is that for month after month - maybe pushing two years now, Carillion has been running full page spots in the back of all the surgical throwaway journals advertising for a trauma surgeon. It's never a good sign when a program conducts that big and expensive and public a search (you don't have to advertise good jobs), especially when it doesn't even work!
  3. Bitsy3221

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    Sep 28, 2006
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    Interviewed at BIDMC, and struggled with how to rank it so I spent a fair amount of time asking faculty (including some who trainined there) and HMS med students about this place. General consensus is that the training there is overall very solid. You will definitely learn to operate there. The research opportunities are amazing and is funded by very deep pockets. The hopspital itself is OK, nothing great. There have been rumors flying about some residents being fired in recent years, but no one seems to know the facts behind these stories (i.e. was is deserved?) I thought the residents were OK during my interview day, but HMS students tols me that they found the residents incredibly nice with high levels of camraderie and morale (for surgery residents, that is :) ) Their current chair is a very highly respected, very well known, old school surgeon who essentially came out of retirement to pull in the reigns and reorganize the department after residual problems from the merger of BI and NE Deconess hospitals and other assorted political issues were straining the department. (I do not think it accurate to describe the department as being in "shambles," however) This chair seems to have been successful in his endeavours, but has a bit of a unique, some would say malignant, personality however I got the impression he is not interested in staying on for many years and the residents that are there seemed genuinely fond of him, so take his reputation for what it is worth. It is a generally well regarded program (I don't think anyone would fault you for training there) but maybe not as academic as the other 'prestige' Boston programs. However, I was told again and again by attendings whom I trust that Harvard is Harvard, and that will afford you certain opportunities in training and networking that will only help you. (Please do not start another Harvard "name" war--I am not implying that it is the best "name" out there or the best training programs, but there is something to be said about entering an institution with an internationally recognized name and deep pockets to fund your hospital and research)

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