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Apr 26, 2004
I didn't post this in the "official acceptance thread"- just thought that applicants who haven't been notified of their decision could use this info too.

Anyway, my questions are in italics and her (M1's) responses are bolded. Best of luck to all.

I think I am going get an apt- almost def. not a single. How should I go about finding an apt and roommates? What are some good resources?

"About the apartment. I know that most out of state kids usually end up in SSR ( the on campus apartments.) If you want to get an apt I would suggest that you start looking for roomies [through student organizations of interest, sdn, frienster etc]. I really think that if you want to get an apt, it may be a good idea to take a trip out here maybe early summer to check some places out but that is just a suggestion. I can send you some links to popular realtors that students use if you would like.

When should I plan on moving to Chicago, given the early start (Aug 6th?)

About moving to Chicago. I really don't know what to tell you. It really depends on you, some people moved in the weekend before orientation others moved in about a week before to give them time to acquaint themselves with the City. Just make sure you don't move in too early because you do not want your lease to end too early the following year.

I'm also thinking about getting a notepad PC, so I can bring it to class w/ the powerpoints and write on it- bad idea? Would you recommend a laptop or a desktop PC instead? I'm a big dork, I know...

Now the notebook PC; I only know of one person in the class that has one. In my personal opinion I would tell you to just get a laptop. I have one and I bring up the files or the powerpoints in class and follow on in class. I also print out the handouts though and just write on those. I would say about 20% of the class has a laptop that they bring to class, everybody else uses handouts,again it's personal preferance. you get alot of handouts in class too. overall I would say don't get a notebook pc unless that is what you have or what you would have used in college.

Anything else you would advise?

I really think that is it for now. I really cannot think of anything else that is of extreme importance at this moment. If you have anymore questions send them over, you know that I'll give you my honest opinion and help as much as possible. There is also the office of students affairs(OSA) website that may be able to help. You should check it out just go the the main UIC website and do a search for OSA (http://www.uic.edu/depts/mcam/osa/). The only other thing that just came to my mind is if you have a car. I would wait and see how you do without it and then if you feel that you need one then bring back on a break or something. Parking here is just a real pain and the student lots are pretty far and from what I hear rather expensive. ok buddie time to go, hopefully all of my blabbing helps!!

P.S. Oh yeah absolutely DO NOT buy any books until you get here and go to your first few days of class!! you are going to find that some books are useless and others upperclassmen (me;)) will be willing to pass down.