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Info schools in Puerto Rico


10+ Year Member
Nov 21, 2005
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
    Ms. Lippy said:
    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone knew or had any info about schools in PR. I heard they are cheap and if you speak the language it's an ok move. Any ideas?

    Well, you can choose from 2 (maybe 3) schools to go to in Puerto Rico that are LCME accredited Universities:

    1. Universidad Central del Caribe (UCCaribe) www.uccaribe.edu
    2. Ponce School of Medicine (Ponce) www.psm.edu
    3. University of Puerto Rico- Note: They mostly accept mainland Puerto Rican students UNLESS you have outstanding stats plus ties with the island (Ex: Went to school in PR for some time, etc.)

    All of these universities offer the MD degree and are not as competative as US med schools (except UPR). The thing is, you have to be relatively fluent in spanish. Most people on the island speak spanish and I hear alot of professors will teach in spanish (although Textbooks and notes are in english.)

    Rent is pretty cheap, I dont have any figures yet though. If you go to mdapplicants.com and check the PR schools you can see some stats people got in with.

    Also, for your pre-req's you will need a total of 2 years of english classes and 1 year of spanish.
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