Jan 6, 2021
Hi there!
Anyone has any information about Tufts OMFS Program? no one seems to talk about it!! Is it that busy ? What is the nature of the program?How are the attendings and the rotations?
All info are appreciated.Any of you guys interviewed there? I am a Canadian graduate and I’m applying to the post match internship this year.

but the website is not clear about the tuition, scope, rotations or anything!

Thanks again in advance.


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Jul 29, 2016
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Hello, I am a student at Tufts and can shed some light on their OMFS program. As Tufts OMFS is heavily affiliated with its dental school, residents receive great dentoalveolar experience. The program has full OR days on average 2 times per week, where residents are exposed to orthognathic, TMJ reconstruction, and benign path. We rarely do free flaps, as those are generally done by ENT. OMFS residents alternate call by month with ENT, and call is not in house (you can go home). Don’t see as much trauma as BMC, but you will get good exposure to management of soft tissue trauma, mandible fractures, ZMC’s etc. During your second year, you spend ~6 months general surgery + ~6 months in anesthesia. We have attendings trained in all facets of OMFS (besides micro vascular reconstruction, hence limited flaps). Overall a well run program and the residents are treated with respect.
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