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Feb 21, 2016
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Hi Guys, for the Canadian Med School applications, the program has a section called the "Autobiographical Sketch" which is where you put all your activities.
It allows a maximum of 48 activites organized into the following categories:
F: Formal Education (name of institution, dates, program, degree)
E: Employment
V: Volunteer Activities
X: Extracurricular Activities
A: Awards and Accomplishments
R: Research
O: Other.

I am not applying this cycle, but i want to keep a Word document of all the things i do. It literally says on their page : to put everything you've done since age 16. Where "If you lived on a farm and helped run the neighbour's farm while they were sick, that's considered volunteering".

I know it says that, but do i literally put things i did in high school like "Children's Christmas Party volunteer" even though it was for like 1 day?

Also, it allows 48 entries, which leaves me feeling like i have no EC's because i've tried to focus my attention on a select few.