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Inquiring Pre-Meds Want to Know?

Discussion in 'Ob/Gyn' started by Dr2B2009, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. Dr2B2009

    Dr2B2009 Junior Member
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    Oct 23, 2002
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    Medical Student
    What post-medical school training must a doctor going into the OB/GYN field complete? In other words, how many years of internship or residency is required? What duties do you perform in each year? Do any organizations provide medical school scholarships for aspiring OB/GYNs? What are your experiences in different types of practices? Any advice would be helpful.

    Thank you for your time
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  3. Dear Dr2B2009,
    To become an OB/Gyn physician one must complete 4 years of MD/5yrs DO residency training (some DO programs have a 4 year fast tract). As to what is entailed each school requires the basic ACOG requirements of surgical, obstetric, gynecology, and medicine rotations.

    I suggest you look at http://www.acog.org/

    Good luck

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