Internal Medicine Clerkship: Special Opportunity Just for SDN Members

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May 7, 2005
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Order your copy today! Only $33.95 with free shipping!

SDN and MedConsult Publishing have teamed up to offer The Consult Manual of Internal Medicine to SDN users at a special "Members Only" discount.​

Serving as a much needed alternative to current handbooks, which have either cursory listings ineffective for understanding, or are detailed mini-texts ineffective for quick reference, The Consult Manual of Internal Medicine was developed by Harry Rosen, MD. Dr. Rosen, an academic hospitalist and proud supporter of SDN, has produced a handbook which presents diseases through easy-to-reference sections of pathophysiologically oriented material in an outline format, with an in depth treatment protocol. There is simply nothing like it on the market today.

Our hope is that you find this to be a valuable handbook to be used often for rapid and useful information, with the right amount of explanation, enabling a higher degree of learning during medical school, residency, and beyond; being both easily accessible on the wards, and enjoyable to read in preparation for examinations, presentations, and patient rounds.​

What people are saying about The Consult Manual of Internal Medicine†:​

"Among the handbooks available, this one stands apart in its ability to actually relate nearly all you'll need to know for the wards, exams, and even pimp sessions for that matter. Its a huge plus to have a resource that takes you from the medical student basics of pathophysiology, to the resident level of diagnostic and treatment protocols. Its simply my favorite IM handbook."​

"It discusses the pathophysiology of disease with in depth treatment protocols and explanations permeating throughout. It is very user friendly, and extremely useful on the wards. My class is all over this one... as its pretty much all you need on the wards. I cant say enough... so I'll stop here."​

"...It is an all-encompassing handbook - by that I mean that for its size, it relates the most information in a very user friendly format. Treatment is in depth - with the entire book being high yield for both the medicine wards and USMLE exams (I wish I had this for my medicine boards)..."​

"I wasn't excited about spending another $30-40 bucks on yet another pocket manual but this book is totally worth every penny. Probably the only manual you'll need to carry as a med student or a resident. It has it all, everything you want to know, it's in there somewhere. I have been saved on both my call nights and morning rounds countless times using this book. BUY IT TODAY!"​

"I have come to love this book. Really easy to follow - with a nice outline format. Covers the major wards topics very well. Very nice pharmacology sections with mechanisms etc... so serves as a constant reminder of what you are prescribing - really a good blend. I can honestly highly recommend this book."​


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Nov 6, 2001
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Has anyone used this book? What is its price?