Internal Medicine Residency Before RadOnc Residency?


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Dec 1, 2008
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I'm a third year medical student, intend on applying for RadOnc, but I'm also interested in completing a residency in IM, not just the intern year that more conventional applicants carry out. Is this something people do? Can I apply to RadOnc residency programs next year and defer the start of my residency until I complete IM? Do people who apply for RadOnc residency while they're still Medicine residents have a more difficult time matching?

I realize this is a question not often asked by RadOnc applicants. Will my desire to complete a medicine residency be a strike against me when I rotate in different RadOnc departments?

Any input at all will help a lot... Thanks.
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Feb 22, 2005
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Ugh. Totally disagree. Little useful here besides the redundancy of general rads physics and CT/MRI. A waste.

I find background knowledge in radiology extremely helpful in CNS and head/neck cases when cranial nerves are involved... The same applies for abdominal imagings. Radiation Oncologists with radiology training are highly desirable. Certainly not a waste, but a plus.
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