International Medical Graduate Anatomical Pathology

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Jul 10, 2016
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Dear All

I am a medical student in South Africa and am interested in pursuing Anatomical Pathology as a career.

1. Does a non-clinical profession (such as anat path) have a better chance of entering the USA than a clinical or surgical profession?

2. Would it be an easier process to enter and immigrate (get citizenship) and work in the USA as an anatomical pathologist of a family doctor?

3. Should I do the anat path at a US university?

4. If I enter as an anat pathologist can I skip the residency requirement in the USA for IMGs as I will not have much direct patient contact (except to bring bad and good news)?

5. Must I do the USMLE Steps if I am already a foreign trained anatomical pathologist? (obviously to be an anatomical pathologist one must have an MBBCh ("MD") and MMed in South Africa).


Any accurate help in this regard would be most appreciated!
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