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Aug 27, 2014
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Hi All,

I am new to this website and have found it TREMENDOUSLY helpful in regards to helping me come up with a plan to raise my low MCAT score. So, I would like to ask a few questions on this board to see if I can get some guidance.

I am 30 years old and have my 4 year degree in Kinesiology (2006). After working in a hospital for a handful of years, I decided to go back to school and take the necessary pre-reqs for the MCAT and medical school. I work in one of the most medically underserved areas in the country and have also spent months working in the East African bush/villages (Tanzania and Uganda). So, I have a strong desire to pursue a career in International Medicine, specifically in the 3rd world. My question is......what is the best route to go about doing this? is it best to go the US medical school/residency route and then join an organization that does international work? or is it best to look at international medical schools?

I speak english, french, and spanish.......though I am 100 percent certain I could not understand medical school lessons in french or spanish lol.

Thanks in advance!


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    Mar 24, 2012
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    Much better to go to a US school and then do international work. You need residency to be even a qualified doctor and if you go international you will have a hard time getting residency back home and most countries do not offer you residency in their countries unless you are their citizen. No international organization will take you if you don't have a residency completed. On top of that if lets say you do go to a country and do residency there you won't be able to ever practice in the US again (except Canada) without redoing your entire residency.
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