May 25, 2011
Well.. I am an international student who applied for this cycle about 3 weeks ago...
My goal is to get accepted to NYUCD.. I would like to know how hard it is for an INTERTIONAL student to get accepted to dental school..
I know that it is harder for international students to get accepted even if it is a private school.

My overall GPA is about 3.42 and my science GPA is about 3.33.
My DAY score is 20/20/22.
I have about 400 hours of dental experience.
and about 4-5 volunteering/activitiy.
Will I have a shot???

I spoke to some of NYU international students who already got accepted.. and their stats seem to range pretty widely but their stats are better than mine.. Most of them had GPA at least 3.6 or UP and 22+ DATs..

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