International Student in Canadian University to US Allo.. Help me boost my application..

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Feb 7, 2016
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Fellow international here: I applied to ~30 schools and currently have 1 acceptance and on 3 waitlists.

-Focus your efforts on the MCAT. Really aim to do well (515+) as this will either open doors for you, or make your application cycle long and difficult. It will also help to balance your GPA. A poor MCAT and below average GPA will not help an international applicant secure interviews.

-Apply broadly to many different schools. I personally recommend 25-30+ schools that fit your GPA/MCAT range. A lot of people regret not applying to lower tier schools when they are faced with having to reapply. Medical school application can be a very unpredictable process so increase your chances of success by broadening your options.

- Definitely look into how you can become a permanent resident because this will help with the financial aspect of medical school. I know at one of the schools I interviewed, they said that I have to show $320,000 USD in an escrow account in order to matriculate. The reason being, they want to make sure that as an international student, I can afford to attend 4 years of medical school even though I don't qualify for US financial loans.

-Work hard 4th year and ace your classes.