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Dec 19, 2007
do any of u guys know of any programs premeds can do abroad? preferably that offer a stipend....thanx!


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Oct 8, 2008
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Sure do, but you better start applying quickly. Some deadlines are in December. Also, most of them are open only to minority students.

San Diego State - Peru, Ecuador, or Ghana
University of Alabama in Birmingham - Bangladesh, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Jamaica, Peru, or Burkina Faso
University of Washington - Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Thailand, Republic of Georiga, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, or Argentina
Penn State - France, Switzerland, South Africa, or Tanzania
Christian Brothers University - Brazil or Uganda
Duke University - Costa Rica
German Academic Exchange Service - Germany
Institut Pasteur - France
James Madison University - Ghana
Mount Sinai School of Medicine - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain, or South Africa
University of California, Irvine - Mexico or Spain
University of California, Santa Cruz - Argentina or Mexico
University of Oklahoma - Turkey
University of Dublin - Ireland
University of Florida - Ghana
University of Lausanne - Switzerland
University of Wisconsin - Madison - Thailand
Weizmann Institute of Science - Israel

If you are a minority or are classified as underprivileged, google MIRT to find more programs.

Good luck!
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