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Dec 16, 2008
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Hey guys,

I am an Junior at an Liberal Arts Honors College in S. Florida. My cGPA is 3.93 and my sGPA is 4.00. I think btw I will get the answers from the Med_Schools I will have managed to keep a similar GPA. Major: Biological Chemistry and Minor: Mathematics

Also, I am planning on taking the MCAT, and thus far I am in the range of 30-31 (12-13 in the Sciences and about 7-8 in the VR). I hope I can bump up my VR and have a 34-35 overall.

I have performed research over summer and Fall at the Scripps Research Inst. I have a few hours volunteer as a note-taker, and I am planning on shadowing and volunteering over next semester and summer. However, I count on my research as reason of why I dont have much of the latter.

Can you guys tell me what are the chances I get into a Med-School. Keep in mind that I am an international student, who are not accepted at all in state medschools are rarely accepted on privates either. Do you guys have any recommendation which schools to shoot for? ThaNKS


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Apr 4, 2007
Your GPA is great. I think you'll likely need an MCAT score in the upper range you mentioned, including a good verbal score. The schools that accept internationals often have high expectations for research. So far you have less than one year, and from what I've seen 2+ years, and often publications are common among international applicants (I'm making a generalization here). It looks like your clinical experience and humanitarian work are weak to nonexistent. You seriously need to work on those. If you apply summer 09, I'd say you have a poor chance of acceptance. You'll need another year at least to buff up your application.

For an idea of what US schools accept international sudents, look at the school selection spreadsheet stickied at the top of this forum. If you scroll laterally to the last column, you'll see the percent international acceptees for each school.

Are you also planning to apply to medical schools in your home country? How selective are they?
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