Internship comparison, M.Ed. vs. M.A./M.S., 48 vs. 60 credit hour Masters

Feb 16, 2013
Psychology Student
1. One of the programs that I am looking at offers a M.Ed. in CMHC. Would this degree TITLE differ in any way from a M.A. or M.S.? In other words, is someone with the M.Ed. qualified for the same positions as someone with the M.S. and M.A.? Is it simply that the M.Ed. represents that the degree was housed through the schools educational department?

2. I also noted that this M.Ed. program only required 48 credit hours while some other CACREP M.A. counseling programs required 60 credit hours. What accounts for this difference? Also, would someone with the 48 hour masters degree be less qualified than someone with the 60 hour degree?

3. When looking at programs which are CACREP accredited, how is one able to investigate and compare the amount of internship/practicum opportunities available at each location? Should one simply call and speak with someone at the school about it? If so what kinds of questions would be useful?
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