Internships/Practicums for Global Health MPH Students?

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Jan 25, 2014
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So I'm already midway through my first semester here at Tulane's School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and here I am pondering whether I should do an internship or my practicum this summer, and if I should stay stateside or go overseas. My concentration is Global Maternal and Child Health and I lack any type of international experience; no Peace Corps or previous volunteer work overseas. I'm contemplating whether I should apply to organizations and public health consulting firm that either specialize solely in maternal, child and adolescent health or have a department focused in that area; or if I should look for a NGOs oversea and gain international experience in the field. If I work stateside, I would like a paid internship, which I've seen there's many in Washington, DC; Boston, MA; and other major hubs for global health/public health.

Are there any opportunities overseas that are paid, or is that an opportunity cost that I will have to incur if I choose to go overseas? Also, what are the major cities in the USA that are concentrated with global health jobs? I lived in DC, so I know that it's one of the major players in the global health arena. I'm also assuming Atlanta (Emory, CDC, Carter Center), Boston (major healthcare hub, top public health programs... Harvard, Tufts, etc), Seattle (UW, The Gates Foundation), and NYC... are there any other major hubs I'm missing?

Any help would be deeply appreciated!