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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by Halaljello, May 15, 2001.

  1. Halaljello

    Halaljello Hot Oil 10+ Year Member

    Mar 15, 2001
    Chicago, IL USA
    What is this "internship" that D.O's have to do right after med school before getting into their residencies? Is it all omm? I thought They have to take omm alongside their other classes. Wont this extra year of an internship put you a year behind allopaths because dont they get into their residencies right after med school....right?
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  3. bustinbooty

    bustinbooty Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Mar 11, 2001
    Detroit, MI
    I'm not sure what "internship" you are referring to, but osteopathic students must do two years of rotations (during years III and IV) and then match for residencies, just like allopathic counterparts. There is no time difference.
  4. tedsadoc2002

    tedsadoc2002 Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    I think you may be talking about the rotating internship. This internship (some allopathic programs still have it, albeit I think only a few. Others posters here may have more info) is a year long and covers surgery, ob/gyn, family practice, internal med, peds, emergency med, etc. The AOA thinks that this will help you become a more well rounded practitioner. Some osteopathic residency programs are tailoring that first year to focus on the specialty, for example "Emphasis Tracks" in Emergency Med or Internal Medicine where more of that first year of residency is devoted to EM or IM versus spending a month or 2 in services that you may not be interested in. A rotating internship is sometimes used in specialties for which you can not enter as a first year resident e.g. anesthesia. OMM is included somewhere in the osteopathic rotating internship, but that is not the sole focus of the internship.
  5. Rusty

    Rusty Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 4, 2000
    Detroit, Michigan
    There are no OMM requirements for any traditional rotating internship. In reality, it is rare for any osteopathic internships or residencies to have specific rotations in OMM.
  6. j8463dp

    j8463dp Member 7+ Year Member

    Apr 10, 2001
    NSUCOM 2005
    My understanding is that a 1-year internship is required to be licensed in certain states.
    FL, CAL, etc. I heard that it is very beneficial because you go into residency with more experience than most of your fellow residents. Experience is the name of the game!!
  7. vdubpower

    vdubpower Senior Member 10+ Year Member

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  8. tedsadoc2002

    tedsadoc2002 Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    My statement on OMM training being offered during the transitional year (AOA accredited ones) comes from recent catalogues from 2 different hospitals. United Health Services Hospital (Wilson Memorial Regional Medical Center, Binghamton, NY) states that "each osteopathic intern is required to spend a minimum of one month in support of our weekly OMM Clinic with a one on one OMT preceptor experience." I don't know that all of the AOA approved programs do this, but I did speak to some of the program reps at the various residency fairs and another program in Indiana has that requirement as well. I guess all programs have to be researched to find out what's included and what's not.
  9. Halaljello

    Halaljello Hot Oil 10+ Year Member

    Mar 15, 2001
    Chicago, IL USA
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  10. prolixless

    prolixless Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    There are some allopathic residency programs that will not count an osteopathic internship toward the first year of their residency. Accordingly you would have to start as PGY-1 in their programs despite having done an osteopathic internship year, i.e., you'd have to do an extra year of training. From what I've read, most allopathic IM programs, for example, will not count an osteopathic intership year as their first year of residency. Why? I have no idea--maybe someone else can enlighten us. In any case, there is no requirement for DO's to do an osteopathic internship year unless they want to be licensed in PA, MI, and a few other states I can't think of at the moment. But even then I've heard a rumor that DO's are somehow able to jump thru a few hoops (so to speak) that will allow them to be licensed in these few select states despite not having done an osteopathic internship. Can anyone confirm or deny this rumor?
  11. Floyd77803

    Floyd77803 Member 10+ Year Member

    Sep 10, 2000
    Kalamazoo, MI, USA
    From what i've read many DO's skip the osteopathic internship and go straight into a residency. However in order to be licensed by the AOA you must do the rotating internship. In some states (including mine, Michigan) you can't get a medical license as a DO without being licensed by the AOA, hence you must complete a rotating internship. That is my understanding of the whole thing.

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