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Discussion in 'Pathology' started by Mindy, Nov 2, 2002.

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    Okay, as promised, interview feedback.

    Here's how all 3 interviews I had so far went:

    1) Discussion with program director either alone or with other applicants. 1 interview I was alone. The others had a total of 4 applicants. Mostly an overview and sales pitch about the strengths of the program.

    2) Morning interviews x 3 to 4 at 25-30 minutes apiece. Most were low key. I was surprised at how little talking I did. Most interviewers read my CV and personal statement before I talked with them, so they would begin talking as if I knew them already. Most of the interviewers would highlight the strengths of their departments, and then try to assess whether they could get along with me. A rare few (on subtle prompting from me) showed me slides. Nobody asked me why I wanted to go into pathology ("Your personal statement shows clearly why you want to go into pathology.") Only one or two "tell me about yourselves" which I answered very succinctly about wanting to be a pathologist, and then the interviewers talked about their respective programs.

    3) Lunch with residents at hospital cafeteria or reserved lecture rooms. No restaurants yet. Somewhat chaotic. Does provide an opportunity to talk with residents, but somewhat less informative than I imaged. (Or informative, since the residents I met were uniformly enthusiastic about their programs.)

    4) Afternoon interviews x 2-4 @ 25-30 minutes apiece. I left the interviews at 2:00 pm x1, and 5:00pm x 1, and 6:30pm x1. At 2 programs, the pd gave an exit interview. At 1 interview there was an evening reception (thus the reason I left at 6:30pm) which was well attended by faculty and residents alike (VERY NICE TOUCH, I might add!)

    5) Also lots of questions trying to assess whether or not you will actually be willing to go to a certain program, including asking about spouses, couples matching (sorry scope, it happened at one program, i'll tell you more later), and whether a certain area would appeal to you.

    Okay notes for applicants:

    a) My interviews are fairly geographic so I rented a car @ $440. x 3 wks and a day. MUCH CHEAPER THAN AIRFARE! and saves wear and tear on my car.

    b) IT IS ALREADY SNOWING IN THE NORTHEAST (with accumulation in some parts of Vermont and now PA). PLEASE BE CAREFUL ANY NON-Snowbelters WHO INTERVIEW IN THE NE!) If you are driving keep a winter jacket, sturdy shoes or boots, gloves, scarf, hat, etc. with you. (Okay I know I sound like a mom, but I'm WORRIED about you guys and gals!)

    c) RELAX! Its actually sorta fun to interview. It is really cool to see the differences in labs. Of course not when you pick up a case of the sniffles...

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    Yuck, hospital cafeteria! You need to come see us we go out to lunch in style. :p

    Hope everyone is having a good time. Path programs should be selling themselves to you, not you to them. Path is not that competitive yet, if they are interviewing you, they are likely to be ranking you somewhere on thier list.
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    You call that SNOW sista'?

    hehe...I live in VT and we don't call it snow until it clears ya' ankles!

    Thanks for the info on the interviews. Good luck!
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