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Jun 2, 2002
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I am somewhat clueless about the logistics of the interview process, particularly the travel to interviews. I am in southeast Michigan, and I am applying to schools that are in the Midwest and on the East coast.

A few questions that come to mind - Is it typical to drive, fly, take a bus/train? Also, I know some MD-applicants that traveled to interviews with a parent. Is this a good or bad idea? Any additional input is welcome!

13/18 secondaries completed!



i would make sure that you bring as many members of your family that can attest to your character, but do not, i repeat, do not bring any uncles.;)

as far as transport - do whatever makes sense financially/time wise. i'm driving to my first interview, but flying to my second. let common sense dictate this one, never a bad idea to concede to it.

cool, its good to be done/close to done with seconadaries. take care, goodluck.
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