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Dec 20, 2006
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caution: possible semi-neurotic premed post

anyways, i might get flamed for this, but i tried searching for info about the interview timeline specifically in regards to early, middle, late in terms of density of interviewees and kept turning up results about.... random other stuff

of course this kind of stems from not getting an interview yet, but i'm also wondering what is considered the early/middle or middle/late transition for the interview season (excluding primaries or secondaries)?

also w/ the applicant density, are they interviewing the same number of applicants earlier as they are in the middle and etc? or is it going to look more like a bellshape curve w/ number of interviews as a function of time..? i know it's been mentioned that only the particularly strong candidates are getting interviewed at this point, but when are those of us more average applicants going to start getting them:?

hope that wasn't too neurotic, thanks in advance!


All of the above is school dependent. Some are evenly spaced, some interview most of their candidates early and then drop the number as the class becomes filled.

For my two schools, we have selected most of our early interview candidates and have sent some letters. We have selected our early decision acceptees and will start to ramp up the entire process in the next six weeks. We generally interview into March and have no way filled all of those interview slots.
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