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Mar 3, 2016
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
    I have an interview for a Pharmacy program in a few weeks. I was wondering what kind of interview tips anyone would have? :)
    Good luck on interviews ! I interviewed at four schools all with different set ups and I felt like all of them went well and was not at all intense. Just know why pharmacy, why their school, and have some questions you want to ask them ready to go. The typical give me a time you dealt with conflict is a very popular one too, check out my channel on interview questions that I prepared that helped me out if you want to see more specific questions ☺️☺️
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    May 5, 2016
      What about MMI interviews? I have two of those in a couple of weeks. :eek:
      Hi! I had my MMI style interview last November and got accepted! Here are a few tips from my experience:
      1) Know yourself and your experiences. I would make sure to prepare answers for basic questions such as why pharmacy, why this school, and etc. You can't really predict the questions, but you should be prepared to give answers that reflect your personality, strengths, experiences, and (resonable) opinions. You could make a list about them if necessary!
      2) Practice! Look for some MMI sample questions and have your friend or someone ask you those questions.
      3) Be honest, don't be too nervous, and be yourself. :) Even if you mess up in a few out of 7-8, you will be fine. Don't worry & good luck!!! (I heard that doing one of MMI's really helps you on the later ones!)
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      Feb 18, 2017
        Took the MMI. got accepted. Honestly, MMI was a lot easier for me, because I only had to deal with each person for a few minutes. I'm slightly better at problem solving than "How do you think you'll contribute to this school/What is your weakness/etc"

        Really, don't be weird. I can't disclose specific questions that were asked of me, but honestly you can find some typical ones online and expect similar questions. There's Youtube vids from Course Grinder that helps approach MMIs, and I think that really made a difference. Just choose ones that are expected from pharmacy school rather than med school.

        1. Consider 2 sides of an argument and discuss both. But support your one side.
        2. Be on topic. Luckily for me, my interviewers were fantastic. I was struggling with one station, and they helped direct me towards a conclusion. Some schools don't do that, so don't take their expressionless face as anything against you. They're trained to do it.
        3. Know your interests and experiences. Your background knowledge of pharmacy will put you at an advantage, especially working at a pharmacy or doing research. You'll know some protocols that may be useful in helping you answer. If not, use common sense.
        4. I did not practice MMI very much. I had some med students help me with some scenarios, but they didn't time me or anything. It might be useful for you to practice.
        5. Be welcoming! Smile when you get in :) You only have one chance to make a good impression.
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        Jan 9, 2017
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          Thanks for the tips everyone! I should have said what school I had the interview for. It's UoM, so the important part is that there's a 45 min. talk with a single faculty member.

          I'll try not to be TOO weird... o_O


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          Oct 7, 2015
          Miami, FL
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            The main thing to remember is that if you got an interview you look good enough on paper for them to accept you. The interview is just to weed out the nut cases that cannot be identified by looking at stats.

            I've heard that some schools intentionally act like cold or give a negative impression as if you're doing a terrible job just to see how you respond to stress, so don't let it throw you off if that happens. They also may act like they disagree with what you are saying to see how well you back up your claim. Or they may ask the same question at the beginning and at the end of the interview to see if you change your answer. It's all an act and honestly I didn't really experience any of this, most of my interviews were laid back to the point that is was actually surprising, but don't get so comfortable that you let your guard down either. Also remember that the interview starts the second that you get out of your car and doesn't end until you are off of the campus. They are always paying attention.
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