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Sep 20, 2002
Philadelphia, PA
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hey all.

anyone interviewing or interviewed at the u. of iowa? i didn't see it on the interview feedback list of schools for SDN.

i hear that there are two interviewers at one sitting, and they ask a few standard questions (why medicine?, how do you deal with stress?, are you compassionate? (like gw bush?).

thanks in advance.


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Jun 7, 2001
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Yes, what you've heard is true.

2 interviewers, a standard 5 questions and a "tell us anything you want us to know". Pretty painless, especially since it's so standardized, none of those "if you were a plant what would you be and why?"-type questions will be asked of you. I can't remember all of the questions, but I think you might be able to find them somewhere on their website?? Seems to me I had seen the list of questions beforehand...not sure where though.

I really enjoyed my day at Iowa...didn't end up going there though.
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