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Interviewing at Temple?

Discussion in 'Internal Medicine and IM Subspecialties' started by CityIvy, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. CityIvy

    CityIvy Senior Member
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    Jun 14, 2001
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    Hi all,

    i have an interview at temple this week, but somehow did not get the driving/parking instructions. does anyone (who has interviewed there or will be interviewing there) know of where we can park and do they validate? typically programs do validate parking...but i recently found out that jefferson does not. thanks!
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  3. phinicky

    phinicky Senior Member
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    May 7, 2002
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    It's the Ontario West lot. If you go North on Broad St. make a left onto Ontario (I think)- the lot is your first left. The sheet for validation is in your interview confirmation that they sent via snail mail. Good luck!

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