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Apr 8, 2002
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How do international students who are studying in the US medical school pay for their education? I know that some people come up with money from their own pocket but I do not really have 200k in my pocket so I was wondering about alternative methods. Any loans for international students applying to a US medical school? Does anyone know about specific loans/programs/scholarships that are available for intl students. I am from Eastern Europe originally. Thank you.


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Jan 29, 2002
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Unfortunately, for the most part, you have to pretty much fork up that much money, and 200k is a reasonable, conservative estimate. Some schools even require you to put in all 4 years tuition in an approved escrow account before they will issue you your F1/I20 visa. Some other schools are a little bit more benign in that they will require you to pay tuition per semester/year like everyone else, but just no financial aid or loans. Yet, a few schools (Northwestern is one I know best) that do consider foreign students for loans on the same basis that it considers US residents, but those schools are few and far in between.

Most of the time, as a foreigner (no green-card), your chance of getting into a state-supported school is almost 0 being out of state and out of country, so your only choice is really private schools which tend to have higher tuition figures. Save for entrance scholarships (which, again is few and far in-between) you are left on your own. Personally, I am fortunate enough that my family is burdening most of my finances right now, but I feel your pain.
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