Intracanal calcium hydroxide placement

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Dec 18, 2010
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I had my first endo experience today. After removing all the caries, the pulp was exposed. I originally tried to do a direct pulp cap but I was unable to control the bleeding. My faculty doctor told me use a broche in the canals then place calcium hydroxide in and have the patient come back on another day to complete the RCT of #12. The canals were still bleeding alot after using the broche. I then squirted some calcium hydroxide in the chamber BUT NOT in the canals. I then place a cotton pellet on top then sealed with IRM. I ran out of time but I noticed that the IRM didn't fully seal the prep (MOBL); a part of the cotton pellet was exposed. Anyway, my question is: What are the chances of patient being in severe pain until Monday (the day I'm finishing up with the RCT)? It's been 6 hours and patient is not feeling any pain. Do you think patient will be ok until Monday?

Thanks so much for your input. Really need some advice.
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