Intramural Sports VS Pharm exp.

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by sle3pyguii, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Hi. I'm going to be starting my pre-pharm at UA this week. I'm going for a BS in Biochem.

    For those of you in CA Pharm schools, which would be better for me?

    Having some pharm experience, and 1-2 clubs....or roughly 3 clubs, a part-time job, and some intramural sports without any experience?

    If i can, i plan on taking the PCAT.

    Sorry if this is a bother.

    edit* The reason why I'm asking about the job part is because my family isn't getting any financial aid because of the whole income thing. I don't want my parents to have to pay all of it, so that's why i wanted to work.
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    Pharmacy experience and 3 clubs and intramuarl sports.. do it all.
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    Pharmacy Student
    #1 - Prepharm experience
    #2 - 1 or 2 clubs with community service component
    #3 - Intramural sports
    #4 - More clubs/organizations if time permits

    I don't know if thats the exact order everyone will agree with, but I'm pretty sure your emphasis in EC should be getting prepharm experience. Focus then maybe on 1 club and become highly invovled with it (get an officer position) and then if time permits do intramural or get a part time job, whatever is better for you. I'm pretty sure there's no set order.. each school/adcom will have their own opinions.

    Remember though!! Don't over-EC yourself.. know your limits, time-wise.. nothing is more important than your GPA of course. I'm always suprised at how many people screw themselves over when they get over-involved and end up with 2.4's and such.
  4. OP

    hmm...thanks for the advice. I guess i'll try to find an open spot at pharmacies

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